Vivo Xplay 7 Leak | Sexier Than iPhone X


Bezel-less phones have made their way into our pockets and we couldn’t be any happier. Tech giants are pushing the limits and with the likes of iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi Mix, we were destined to see a completely bezel-less screen. Vivo Xplay 7 has just leaked and it will be our first bezel-less phone.

Vivo has done something record breaking here. They have created a phone which is completely bezel-less and probably has a record breaking screen-to-body ratio. According to the image, we are expecting that Vivo Xplay has selfie camera placed at the bottom just like Xiaomi Mi Mix. We have already witnessed Vivo placing the fingerprint reader behind the screen so it is safe to say that Vivo Xplay will have the same implementation. We also deduced that panel is an OLED one since the fingerprint reader is behind the screen.

Vivo’s earlier leaks suggest that it would be launching a phone that will have Snapdragon 845 with 256GB internal storage.

We have got to see what other brands will bring to the table for consumers. This is turning out to be the most technologically advanced MWC in history.

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