Xperia XZ2 | Beauty Meets Beast


Sony has been that smartphone brand; the one you see, want to buy but choose to ignore. This has been the case due to Sony being too rigid about its design language and not moving with the industry. This time around Sony has chosen to do things differently. As usual they have designed a beautiful product with amazing features. The Xperia XZ2 has all what it takes to stand out at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

Xperia XZ2 has just been introduced to the world and it comes with welcome changes. The bezels have been hugely reduced. Gone is the boxy design in favor of a more ergonomic shiny shell. It is one of the best looking smartphones of 2018. The fingerprint scanner goes at the back of the phone, right in the middle beneath the camera in a more reachable place. Before this, the power button on the phone doubled as a fingerprint scanner. The phone has Gorilla Glass 5 on the back and front. Xperia XZ2 has an IP rating of 68. There is no headphone jack on the phone though.

The screen on the phone is an LED LCD. Sony has not gone with OLED panels just yet. Measuring at 5.7 inches, the screen has an aspect ratio of 18:9, which seems to be the industry standard. The display has a resolution of FHD+ (1080 x 2160px). There is standard Sony tech on board. The phone is capable of playing HDR content. Xperia XZ2 comes with Triluminous display tech borrowed from Sony’s Bravia TV line. There are dual front acting speakers as well which are 20% louder than those of Xperia XZ1. The phone comes with X Reality engine as well that gives colors on the screen a more natural look and provides a vivid experience to the user.

That makes it the only phone on the market capable of doing that

Xperia XZ2 has a 19MP, 1/2.3″ Sony IMX400 camera, f/2.0 lens camera module. This is the same camera module which was used in the Xperia XZ1. Xperia XZ2 comes with upgrades in the software department. The camera uses new BIONZ technology – these are new processing algorithms/architectures. The camera is now capable of recording slow-mo 960 fps at full HD resolution. That makes it the only phone on the market capable of doing that. This is also the only phone that can record 4K in HDR. The selfie camera comes as a disappointment at 5MP resolution with 80 degree field of view. This is a downgrade from 13MP, f/2.0 of Xperia Z1.

There is a totally new feature that has never been heard of before. Sony is introducing the Dynamic Vibration System. There is a special motor installed in the phone which emulates bass experience when you play any audio. The DVS also comes into play when watching a video or playing a game. This will provide more immersive experience to the users as per Sony. It can be turned off as well so there is no need to worry if it feels annoying. The feedback can be adjusted according to the user’s will.

We are really pleased with Sony’s efforts and the new modern design. The phone will finally launch in US as well. Let’s see how the world reacts to the latest Xperia XZ2.

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