Apple Product Red 2018 | Red iPhones In Tow


Apple is launching its phones in red again. Product Red takes over the iPhone 8 and it is sexier than ever. The Product Red variants are for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models only. We would have loved to see iPhone X in red as well but guess we will have to wait.

The phone features a red glass back with a red aluminum frame. This gives the iPhone a really shiny and sleek look. There is also a red leather case for the phone which features deeper reds. Apple tends to spend millions to help HIV/AIDS patients each year. Part of the Product Red revenue goes to the Global Funds for fighting HIV/AIDS. Apple claims that they have given away $160 million till date in this cause.

This initiative is really a brilliant one as the Red version carries uniqueness and serves a humanitarian purpose as well. We will really like to see other brands fund such causes as well in their own special way. Be it launching an app or a Snapchat filter. There is a lot that the tech industry can do as a whole. Technology can really do wonders in its own exceptional way.


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