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If you ask yourself that what is there that Huawei can’t do in the tech world, the answer is, nothing. Huawei has just launched its own app store. Being the third largest phone manufacturer in the world, Huawei lacked its own app store that Apple and Sammy already had. The app store was due because of the large number of mobile units that Huawei sells every year.

Huawei’s latest efforts were made in order to build a stronger ecosystem. We are already pleased with Huawei’s hardware efforts and mobile technology. It is one of the best out there. Huawei also produces in-house processors for its cell phones as well. Given the finances, we might soon see the app store evolve into something revolutionary. Innovations help companies prosper and Huawei knows that for sure when it released the P20 Pro.

The app store features a lot of apps that have major usage in Asian markets like WeChat, QQ Music, Amap and a lot more. The Huawei app store is called the AppGallery and will come preinstalled in all latest mobiles made by Huawei. It is already present in the P20 series of phone.

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