Instagram Gets “Focus”-ed


While Mark Zuckerberg has been dealing with congress answering tough questions, Instagram has been making progress by implementing new technology.

Recently, portrait mode has been the talk of the town. All mobile manufacturers haven’t left any stone unturned to make the mobile camera the best one in the market. Instagram has also jumped on the bandwagon and launched “focus” feature in their app. The feature adds bokeh effect in the stories mode. Focus sits right next to “Superzoom”.

The feature is available on the front camera and the rear camera. You will be able to take portrait photos of your friends and yourself. Right now the feature works on two people. The focus feature will be rolling out with mention stickers in the latest update.

This feature will work on select Android devices and almost all Apple devices, starting from the iPhone SE.

All we have to see now is how Snapchat replies to this features. Instagram and Snapchat have been locking horns and Instagram has copied a lot of features from Snapchat.

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