Nintendo Switch Hack | Latest Jailbreak


Hackers all around the world have been adamant at gaining user data. The latest breach has happened in Nintendo Switch but it’s not the one that compromises on user data rather the hack will allow you to install SNES emulators and Linux on the handheld device.

Power users can now code into the system and use it as they please. This is due to a flaw in the Nvidia chip that Switch uses. The exploit is called Fusée Gelée and was discovered by Kate Temkin at ReSwitched.

Luckily, the flaw can be fixed with a simple patch. Many old Switches are vulnerable to Jailbreak. New Switches will come with a patch installed. The flaw is in the Read Only Memory which exists in the boot and power management processor.

The flaw is huge considering anyone can modify the console to their own needs. Only someone with physical access will be able to perform the hack. Modding the console can open a variety of options, like piracy of games, running emulators and extending capabilities of the already provided OS.

Gamers should avoid modding their consoles as Nintendo will probably be banning such consoles from Nintendo’s online features and will get your account banned.

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