Galaxy-S8 Snapdragon 835

Snapdragon 835. The Upgraded Beast!

There has been a race of producing the best and the fastest processor in the mobile industry has never been hotter as it has been of today. Qualcomm with its latest...
Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8! King of the Smartphone Universe

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 have already started popping up. With the Note 7 debacle, Samsung was bound to bounce back with great force. With great money comes great innovation. We...
Nokia Android Smartphones

Nokia Entering Phones Making Androids: HMD

There was a time when you had to buy the best phone, you went to the store and just bought the latest flagship of Nokia. The Finnish really knew how to...
Google Pixel

Google Pixel! Finally an iPhone Killer?

iPhone killer? This term has been thrown on the internet like anything but now that Google itself has officially stepped in the ring, do we get to use this term for...
Meizu Pro 6 Plus

Meizu Pro 6 Plus and Meizu M3X! Game Strong!

Meizu has just taken the wraps off its new flagship phone. The Meizu Pro 6 Plus is the baldest phablet there is by Meizu. With the Huawei Mate 9 out there,...
Note 7 exploding

Note 7 Exploding Flop That Was!

The Note 7 started off as one of the hottest phone of the season literally (pun intended) and slowly Sammy ran into troubles. First off were the battery troubles that were...
Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi Mi Mix! Concept Phone in Real World!

How many times has it been the case when were able to buy your favorite concept phone? The answer is not until Xiaomi Mi Mix made it possible. Xiaomi with its latest...
Whatsapp new features

Whatsapp New Features! Best IM App!

Whatsapp just keep getting better and better every day. Whatsapp is releasing yet another update which is going to make our lives easier. Whatsapp has been the most famous instant messaging service...
Note 7

Note 7! What Could Have Been

The phablet king was here and it is made a grand entrance of its own. We have always known the Galaxy Note to bring in some new intuitive features. This time...
One Plus 3T

One Plus 3T Here To Stay

One Plus had taken Android bull by the horns when it came to the scene with its One Plus One. Now after a few years there has been a lot of...

Huawei Mate 9. The Mate We Have All Been Waiting For!

The Note 7’s fail gave opportunity to a lot of phone manufacturers to flaunt their tech in phablets. The phablet range has been a must for all the manufacturers thanks to...

HTC is Finally Getting it Right With HTC 10

HTC is coming up with new marketing strategies by giving away a free pair of JBL headphones worth $199. The USB type-C headphones have amazing sound quality. This is only available...