Snapchat Features July

Snapchat New Features | Rapidly Revolutionizing Social Media Platform

Snapchat has released its biggest update of the year. Snapchat has been in the news for quite a few times recently and there is a good reason for that. They have...
Android Top 5 Apps

Android Top 5 Apps Of The Week

Child Lock Launcher Price: Free We have all faced the time when we can’t keep the toddler away from our phone. Well now with Child Lock Launcher you won’t have to worry about...
Instagram copying snapchat

Another Day Another Feature Of Snapchat Copied By Instagram

We have been hearing about Instagram copying Snapchat for the longest time and this time it is no different. What is worse is that instagram has plenty of users already due...
Facebook F8

Facebook F8 | Leading The World To A New World Of Tech

Facebook has a one of kind event where Mark gives the forecast of technologies to come. It is one of the most advanced conferences in the world. The event is a...
instagram copy

Instagram | Cocktail Of Most Favorite Apps In The World

Imitation was the best form of flattery, but not in the tech world as we have seen it over and over again. Companies that copy other brands tend to fail without...
Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger | Most Feature Rich Messenger In The World Updated

Facebook messenger has been exploding with new features, most of them of which are copied, I mean borrowed from other famous apps (*cough* Snapchat). This has been the trend but Facebook...
Google Apps

Google Apps | Revolutionizing The Way You Use Your Phone

Remember Google’s super cool apps Allo and Duo? We can’t remember them either but Google is certainly trying to push them in a direction that is going to force us to...

Bixby | Most Intelligent Virtual Assistant Now In Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Since the dawn of virtual assistants there has been a lot of debate on their capabilities, from ordering stuff on Amazon, to answering questions, telling jokes, playing audio games, telling you...
Galaxy S8 DeX

Galaxy S8 DeX | The Continuum Feature

Galaxy S8 DeX leaks won’t stop flowing and so won’t we? We are determined to bring you the latest leaks and rumors from the phone world. Our main focus is on...
Jarvis Mark Zuckerberg

Jarvis | Mark Zuckerberg’s New Personal A.I

Mark Zuckerberg has always been there to blow our minds with his impressive tech developments. With his epic press conferences to the advanced A.I of Facebook to his Iron man like...
Snapchat Sunglasses

Snapchat Sunglasses! A Fashion-Tech Match

We have known Snapchat for its crazy and amazing filters, for sending those secret messages *cough* and making small epic videos. Times seem to change as Snapchat has launched its first...
Whatsapp new features

Whatsapp New Features! Best IM App!

Whatsapp just keep getting better and better every day. Whatsapp is releasing yet another update which is going to make our lives easier. Whatsapp has been the most famous instant messaging service...