Galaxy S8 DeX

Galaxy S8 DeX | The Continuum Feature

Galaxy S8 DeX leaks won’t stop flowing and so won’t we? We are determined to bring you the latest leaks and rumors from the phone world. Our main focus is on...
Jarvis Mark Zuckerberg

Jarvis | Mark Zuckerberg’s New Personal A.I

Mark Zuckerberg has always been there to blow our minds with his impressive tech developments. With his epic press conferences to the advanced A.I of Facebook to his Iron man like...
Snapchat Sunglasses

Snapchat Sunglasses! A Fashion-Tech Match

We have known Snapchat for its crazy and amazing filters, for sending those secret messages *cough* and making small epic videos. Times seem to change as Snapchat has launched its first...
Whatsapp new features

Whatsapp New Features! Best IM App!

Whatsapp just keep getting better and better every day. Whatsapp is releasing yet another update which is going to make our lives easier. Whatsapp has been the most famous instant messaging service...