Canon EOS M100

Canon EOS M100 Is The Big Bad Boy In Mirrorless Cameras

Canon has announced its all new camera Canon EOS M100, which is a successor to Canon EOS M10. Canon has been on top of the camera industry but Sony and Nikon...
Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Canon EOS 6D Mark II | Most Awaited DSLR Of 2017

If there is an eye through which we all shutterbugs would like to capture our precious moments then it would be the Canon 6D. Finally, Canon has launched what we all...
HTC U 11

HTC U 11 | Most Innovative Flagship Comeback

HTC U 11 is the sexiest new phone by HTC which has helped HTC make its mark in the mobile industry. This new device has all what it takes to be...
Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6 | Goes One Up On iPhone 7 & Galaxy S8

Xiaomi just dropped the bomb in tech world by announcing its Xiaomi Mi 6. This comes as a successor to Xiaomi Mi 5 which was a sensational hit. Xiaomi is also...
instagram copy

Instagram | Cocktail Of Most Favorite Apps In The World

Imitation was the best form of flattery, but not in the tech world as we have seen it over and over again. Companies that copy other brands tend to fail without...
selfie expert

Oppo F3 Plus | Selfie King Of The World

What comes to one’s mind when they hear the brand Oppo, probably the word “selfie” clicks one's mind. This is because the brand has targeted consumers based on its selfie taking...
Sony Xperia MWC 2017

Sony Xperia MWC | 5 Sony Phones One Arena

Sony Xperia won’t tickle everyone’s fancy but there are a lot of loyal customers. It is said that the most loyal customers of any phone brand are that of Sony but...

ASUS ZENFONE AR | The Spec Monstor

CES is supposed to be highlighted by TVs, audio products and other smart home appliances and products. Little did we know that Asus would overshadow all other appliances by announcing the...
Snapchat Sunglasses

Snapchat Sunglasses! A Fashion-Tech Match

We have known Snapchat for its crazy and amazing filters, for sending those secret messages *cough* and making small epic videos. Times seem to change as Snapchat has launched its first...