iPads WWDC 2017

iPad WWDC 2017 | New iPads Have It All

Apple’s new iPads is all that you have always wanted and a whole lot more. Apple has just updated the iPad Pro lineup and there have been two new additions. The...
Surface Windows 10s

Microsoft Just Scratched The Tech Industry’s Surface

Apple Macs have come a long way to lead the pact as the best laptop ever. Many other brands tried to beat Apple at its own game but none of them...
Facebook F8

Facebook F8 | Leading The World To A New World Of Tech

Facebook has a one of kind event where Mark gives the forecast of technologies to come. It is one of the most advanced conferences in the world. The event is a...

Xbox Project Scorpio | Most Powerful Console Ever

We all got excited when Xbox announced its project Scorpio and now that secret is finally being revealed. We have got all the news of the specs detailed in this article....
Galaxy S8 DeX

Galaxy S8 DeX | The Continuum Feature

Galaxy S8 DeX leaks won’t stop flowing and so won’t we? We are determined to bring you the latest leaks and rumors from the phone world. Our main focus is on...
Tinker Board

Tinker Board | The Broadway of Functionality

Asus is taking its computing business seriously and we are more than happy for that fact. They have been cooking up something small, cheap and powerful and boy have they been...
Razer Project Valerie

Razer Porject Valerie | Three Screens On a Laptop

Remember the time when 17 inch laptops were supposed to be big. Yes! That is not that long ago. Apple redefined laptops with its MacBook Air and hence the industry followed...
Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung Notebook 9 Refresh | Best Windows Laptop

If you remember how Samsung has always been on Apple’s tail, then you must remember that Samsung came with a killer laptop in reply to the infamous MacBook Air. The Samsung...
Jarvis Mark Zuckerberg

Jarvis | Mark Zuckerberg’s New Personal A.I

Mark Zuckerberg has always been there to blow our minds with his impressive tech developments. With his epic press conferences to the advanced A.I of Facebook to his Iron man like...

MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors & Price

The MacBook pro event has all the ingredients to make it interesting. Starting things off with an all new design. There are strong rumors that Apple will be refreshing the design...