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cross platform nintendo xbox

Cross Platform Gaming! Get Your Xbox and Nintendo Ready

Sony has been one of the most adaptable companies when it comes gaming. Sony has enjoyed immense success in the past due to its not so rigid policies until now. While MS and...

OPPO Find X | Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before

Oppo Find X has stolen the spotlight from previous flagship phones. Find X comes with an all new tech to keep those bezels shredded. There is a motorized mechanism installed in...

VIVO NEX S | One Of Its Kind

Many phone manufacturers have tried their hand at building a truly bezel-less phone and failed but now Vivo has succeeded in creating the world’s first truly bezel-less phone. Just a few...

Google Pixel 3 Leak

The success of Pixel phones has really put Google on the map as a phone manufacturer. There are still improvements that can be made to the hardware such as styling and...

ASUS ROG Phone | Fastest Phone In The World

ASUS just unleashed a gaming beast of a phone. After dominating computer gaming, ASUS has decided to storm its way into gaming mobile phones. Never have we been so impressed this...
Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 8 | Better Than Any Phone Out There

Xiaomi has been a long standing contender in beating Apple as the company that makes most attractive devices. So much so that they have been called Apple of China. With the...

Sony Playstation 1 Is Making a Comeback

Nostalgic marketing is at the very best now a days as companies look to milk their previous inventions that had a huge connection with their consumers. Jumping on this bandwagon is...

Xiaomi Mi 8 Leak

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing phone manufacturers in the world. Xiaomi with its new product leak has created a buzz in the tech world. Arguably, the most anticipated Mi...
HTC U12+

HTC U12+ | Best Looking Flagship Phone Around

HTC has had a glorious past but what was once the tech world giant is now failing hard to sell its smartphones. However, declining sales hasn’t stopped HTC from not launching...

OnePlus Bullets | Airpods Alternative Unleashed

Another high-end product was launched alongside OnePlus 6. The OnePlus Bullets are wireless Bluetooth headphones that are interconnected by a wire. This is the first time OnePlus has announced another device...
OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 | Flagship Killer Revised

OnePlus 6 finally launched and we are going gaga over the phone. The phone looks sexy with glass front and back. As usual the phone has flagship specifications and comes at...
emoji slider

Instagram’s New Feature

Instagram has finally come up with something innovative on their own. They have introduced a new way of starting a poll which is called the emoji slider. It is actually a...
Android P

Android P | Avalanche Of Features

Android P has been unveiled to the world and it comes with a slew of new features. Android is now smarter than ever. There are features that compete with iOS and...
Windows 10 Your phone

Windows Your Phone | Connecting PCs With Androids & iOS Devices

The continuity feature in Apple devices was one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent past. Workaholics, shoppers, fitness junkies and others couldn’t resist but drool over the fact that when switching...
LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ | The New Features Are Amazing

LG just unveiled its comeback flagship and it comes with a good deal of new features. LG has been struggling for the past 2 years in the smartphone market but still...

Xiaomi Black Shark | The Cheapest Spec Beast

Phone manufacturers have always tried to be the next by coming up with something innovative or capturing a niche that pays them off really well. Xiaomi has now tried its hands...