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Product red 2018

Apple Product Red 2018 | Red iPhones In Tow

Apple is launching its phones in red again. Product Red takes over the iPhone 8 and it is sexier than ever. The Product Red variants are for iPhone 8 and 8...

Huawei AppGallery | The Latest App Store

If you ask yourself that what is there that Huawei can’t do in the tech world, the answer is, nothing. Huawei has just launched its own app store. Being the third...

LG G7 | The Best LG Has To Offer

There is one phone that can’t stay away from the news. The LG G7 has been making rounds on the web and there have been plenty of rumors about its features....
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s | Beats The iPhone X

Mi Mix was the first mass release of a bezel-less phone in the world. Now, Xiaomi has launched a newer version of it; the Mi Mix 2s. Xiaomi is known for...

P20 Lite | The New King Of Android Mid-range Phones

Huawei P20 Lite is finally here and it comes with a lot of premium features and a cheap price tag. For starters, the phone adopts the notch which helps increase its...

LG G7 | New Rumor Round Up

LG won’t be putting out yearly flagship phones. This news had come after LG failed to maintain its position as the third largest phone manufacturer that it once held. As of...

Huawei Y9 (2018) Comes With 4 Cameras

Huawei has been going quite strong with its phone launches. It is safe to say that Huawei is one of the top players in the mid-range market. Huawei has continued to...

Instagram May Feature Video & Voice Calling

We all love Instagram and Facebook is doing a lot to make it better than Snapchat. New features might be introduced in Instagram according to the latest leak of the application’s...
Huawei Matebook X

Huawei Matebook X

Huawei has just launched the Huawei Mate Book X Pro at the MWC 2018. Huawei Mate Book X Pro brings a lot of features to the table. It is the most...
Zenfone 5

ASUS Zenfone 5 | Better Designed Than iPhone X?

We have heard many things being said in rivalries, many slogans, many ads being made but Asus has taken it to a whole new level at the MWC 2018. Asus just...
Xperia XZ2

Xperia XZ2 | Beauty Meets Beast

Sony has been that smartphone brand; the one you see, want to buy but choose to ignore. This has been the case due to Sony being too rigid about its design...
Snapchat Gifs

Snapchat’s Newest Addition Will Make You Go Crazy For The App

Snapchat has been the fastest growing social media platform in the recent past. They have been influential enough that the likes of Instagram and Facebook have started copying all their features....

iOS Bug | Keep Your iPhones Safe

There is a new bug that iPhone users have to watch out for. People who have updated to iOS 11.2.5 are the only ones who will face this bug. A character...

Sony’s Breakthrough Image Sensor Might Change Photography Forever

In the world of imaging, no company has been able to beat Sony when it comes to innovation. Many of our digital cameras and almost 90% of all mobile phones use...

Galaxy S9+ Leaks

Galaxy S9+ is back in the news and Samsung has spilled the beans. It is all what we wanted to know about the greatest flagship of 2018. Galaxy S9+ has been...

Redmi Note 5 Pro Leak

Since the smartphone flagship price hike, mid-rangers are getting more relevant for consumers and accordingly huge tech firms are now focusing on bringing their best to the table in a more...